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The purchase of renovated machines have proven to be the smart choice when it comes to selecting the “correct” supplier.

The staff of Deltamec have accomplished the successful renovation and reconditioning of more than 80 beveling / edging machines, distributed all over the world.

To us, renovation does not mean nice paint and external looks. Although, the aspect of appearance takes a great deal of our attention, the main concentration of our renovation process pertains to having reliable machines that result in quality products for a long period of time.

We are proud of the reputation we have established with our client that have experienced our after sales service and warrantee policies. We insist in solidifying this experience by being very honest, using quality spare parts and always backing our clients with all types of interventions or consultancies needed.

In brief, we the team of Deltamec, always strive for the future and not just the one-time deals.

Reference 23432
Dimensions (mm) rwerer
Power (kw) werwewe
Voltage (v) rwerwe
Frequency (Hz) erwq
Weight (Kg) weqrweqr
Condition rwqerq
Workable minimum height wqer

Availabality date

Year of production wqerw
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Technical specifications:

Reference 32423
Dimensions (mm) 423
Power (kw) 234
Voltage (v) 4
Frequency (Hz) 423
Weight (Kg) 4
Condition cxv
Workable minimum height df

Availabality date

Year of production vcx
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Technical specifications:

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